I Can Do This! |$35 Challenge Day 7

Okay, so I know that my main goal was to get to my first day at this new job, which I successfully accomplished! Now comes the hard part: trying to get to my first paycheck... I've already said that the rest of the money is gone. I mean, if I really wanted to I could … Continue reading I Can Do This! |$35 Challenge Day 7


Weekends are Always Easy… | $35 Challenge

So days 4 and 5 are done with this #35 Challenge. I took the advantage of being with my parents to go to the grocery store to buy myself some things so that I can start packing my lunches. I was able to get 3 things: grapes, lunch meat, and Nature Valley granola bars. There … Continue reading Weekends are Always Easy… | $35 Challenge

Day 3: Another $7 Gone…| $35 Challenge

Yesterday was day 3 of my $35 challenge, and I wasn't exactly thrilled to have to spend money outside... I ended up spending $7 and change on some Panda Express (which I was able to split into 2 meals) but I won't be able to do that again. If I was only going until next … Continue reading Day 3: Another $7 Gone…| $35 Challenge