Do I Need a 401(K)?

Hello all! So for those that don’t know, I got a new job almost as soon as I moved to Waco, TX!

*distant cheers in the background*

I was really excited because it was with my school as a server for the Baylor Club and I wanted so badly to help my parents pay for school.

At my last job, I was pretty content with my $30,000 salary and growing 401(k). (Say what you will, at 20 years old with no degree yet I thought I was doing a pretty good job.) However, I was a bit saddened to learn that my new job didn’t offer a 401(k) unless the employee had been working there for a minimum of 6 months and was working full time. With school being my main priority, it was certain that I wouldn’t be working there full time. But did this mean that I was going to forfeit having a 401(k)?


Below is a short clip that I made to explain what a 401(k) is and what I hope to do with mine in the future:

Thank you guys for your patience between posts while I still get acclimated to school! I’ll be posting a bit more in the future!


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