My First Group Job Interview

So I just got back from my interview with the Baylor Call Center, and I think I did a pretty good job.

It was my first time being a part of a group interview so that was already an experience in itself to be quite honest…

I did notice in the interview that I made 2 mistakes:

1. I forgot to give her my resume.

My mother taught me to have a resume on hand so that the person interviewing you is able to go over it with you as they’re sitting with you. Sometimes an employer will forget your copy or perhaps they just skimmed it. I always like to appear as professional as I can when I go into an interview and meet my possible future employer for the first time.

Unfortunately, I got caught up in answering questions with other people while simultaneously trying to sound original, and the resume was forgotten…

2. I misunderstood a question and answered completely off topic.

The manager was trying to ask a question pertaining to how much money we thought the school has raised to go toward scholarships. What I thought she was asking was how often we thought our pay would be raised…

Yeah, the embarrassment was real…

I got to almost the end of my answer before she stopped me and tried to rephrase her question. And I swear if I wasn’t a black woman I would’ve been blushing to my ears.


Overall, I believe the interview went well though. The starting pay is about $7 and change. Coming from almost $15/hr, that’s quite a pay cut, but I have to start somewhere I suppose. It’s definitely more than the $0/hr that I’m making right now, so I don’t want to complain.


Has anyone out there had a group interview before…? How often does this happen, because this was my first one. XD


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