I Got the Job!

Hello all!
I am extremely pleased to announce that I got the job!

*ecstatic screams in the background and confetti goes flying*

Although I’m thrilled to get the job offer, it did come with a concern…

So after I got an email stating that I had been chosen for the position, I sent an email back that read:

“I’m thrilled to be chosen to work with the Baylor Call Center! I did have a quick question though:


When I read your ad in chapel, I was given the impression that the starting wage would be based on experience in the workforce. With a collective 3 years of call center experience (1 being at a University), and with my last call center paying me $14.73/hr before I left, I wanted to know what my starting pay would be should I work at the Baylor Call Center. At 22 years of age with some experience under my belt, I was hoping to be able to start at a higher salary than those who have never had a similar position before.”

And within about 5 minutes I got a response:

“Hi Julia,

Completely understandable, however by Baylor standards, everyone starts at the same rate of pay of $7.85/hr with raises given out based on performance and tenure.
Please let me know if you have any other questions and if you still plan to pursue this position, thanks!”
Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed, but rules are rules. Though I need to help my parents pay for my schooling, it would have been a miracle if I had found a job that paid me the same as my last one while I’m in school and not working full time.
So I sent the following as a reply:

“Thank you for your reply!

I am still interested in the position; I was just curious to know more info! What day would I begin working? And what days am I scheduled to work? I’m very eager to get started!”
I sent that on September 13.
I have a plan B under my belt, but I’m starting to get a little worried as well. Perhaps I’ll send another email tomorrow (since the call center is closed on Sundays).

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