New Challenge: Make $35 Last!

Although I’m still super stoked about this financial journey, I ran into two major situations that could set me back if I’m not careful:

1. I’m not making enough money.
This journey was much easier to fashion in my mind when I had a full time job and was making $14.73/hr with benefits. Now that I’ve moved to go to Baylor University and had to quit, I’m back at square one when it comes to how much I’m making. I don’t see myself making that kind of salary again very soon, but I do need to find a way to make a substantial amount.
Thankfully, my parents are helping me pay for school and have asked that I help by footing half the bill. Right now, that isn’t possible, so I’ve got to find a way to either get a better job, increase my pay after my first 30 days at the Baylor Call Center, or earn extra income.

2. I’m spending too much money.
Although I live with my parents to save money while I go to school, I’m still on campus the majority of the day to go to class, finish assignments, and study. (The wifi at our apartment complex SUCKS!) Although I’m able to grab a bite to eat when I get back home, being on campus is another story. I don’t spend money every day, but it’s starting to add up fast. Like, really fast.

I need to find some alternative to spending money on campus food. While I worked for the month that I did at the Baylor Club, I made a bit of money in tips, and some of it already went to food or gas. Now with $35 left in tips and my first day on the job for the call center next Tuesday, I need to find a way to make this $35 stretch until my first day, but preferably until my first paycheck. I want to spend a little time on Pinterest to find some ways that I can make a lunch that will keep all day without the need to refrigerate or heat up.

Can I do it? I think I can.


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