Day 3: Another $7 Gone…| $35 Challenge

Yesterday was day 3 of my $35 challenge, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have to spend money outside…

I ended up spending $7 and change on some Panda Express (which I was able to split into 2 meals) but I won’t be able to do that again. If I was only going until next Tuesday for my first day on the job then I’d be fine. But the ultimate goal is to try to make it to my first paycheck which will likely be about 2 weeks from then.

I get a little bit of a break by being with my parents this weekend, but I wanted to also take the opportunity to go grocery shopping with them so I can get something that will keep with me all day. I might have to go back to those kindergarten days and start making myself some sandwiches, but the goal is extreme minimalism, right? I can do this!


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