Weekends are Always Easy… | $35 Challenge

So days 4 and 5 are done with this #35 Challenge. I took the advantage of being with my parents to go to the grocery store to buy myself some things so that I can start packing my lunches.

I was able to get 3 things: grapes, lunch meat, and Nature Valley granola bars. There is no money left for the challenge but a bit of change that I have left from each purchase.

Now comes trying to make it last through the week and hopefully until I get my first paycheck.


I have been tempted numerous times to whip out my debit card, but this was always a horrible habit of mine as I continue to try to save money. My goal is frugality and extreme minimalism, and that’s not gonna happen if I’m constantly depending on that plastic to save me when I want something.


I’ve just got a few more weeks left to get through this, but I really do believe that I will be successful!


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