I Can Do This! |$35 Challenge Day 7

Okay, so I know that my main goal was to get to my first day at this new job, which I successfully accomplished!

Now comes the hard part: trying to get to my first paycheck…

I’ve already said that the rest of the money is gone. I mean, if I really wanted to I could scrape the change that I got back from each purchase and I’m sure there’s a few dollars and change left, but it’s pretty much gone.

I have been able to get through with taking left overs whenever they’re available, but the challenge is when they aren’t or when I can’t take it to campus with me.

This journey to minimalism and frugality is one that I thought for some reason would be much easier than it’s turned out to be. I guess I assumed that since I still live with my parents and therefore don’t have many bills to pay that this was going to be some smooth transition, but no.

That ain’t how it works…

I’m having to take everything my parents taught me about money, things I’ve learned from those who made it to early retirement, and the help of God himself to get to this goal.


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