Challenge Over…

The $35 Challenge is officially over *sniff sniff*

I made is as far as I could, but ended up having to end the challenge a bit earlier than I anticipated…

Alright, so I came across 2 stumbling blocks that ended this $35 challenge of mine:

1: My start date for my new job has been pushed back.
Unfortunately, my new job is being put on a brief hold. I worked somewhere else in the same organization for about a month, but once I applied for a new position, I found that I wasn’t entirely terminated from the first job. A bit of paperwork was put on hold and I still have to go and fill out another form, and then I can start training.

2: I slept through my alarm on a busy day.
I had a boatload of things to do today; some of which didn’t even get finished. It didn’t help that I slept through my alarm and ended up not being able to pack myself a lunch and had nothing but some frozen grapes and a granola bar for the entire day.

I ended up caving and spending $5 on a sandwich…

I’m not going to let myself starve for the sake of a challenge that I made up for myself, but at the same time I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t make it to my first paycheck like I’d hoped I would. The challenge has made me appreciate my dollars much more though, so I will continue to try to find ways to save money on food. Just because the “challenge” is over doesn’t mean that I’m gonna blow money on food. Same rules apply; but I’m not about to starve!


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