#1 Product for Natural Hair Minimalists

As a natural hair minimalist, I find that my two passions are constantly battling each other.

I returned back to my natural roots about 3 years ago, and it wasn’t until I actually did my big chop that I saw just how expensive natural hair can be. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m borderline addicted to Pinterest, and I can’t look up natural hair pictures without seeing women who buy entire lines of products for their hair. And we all know that each of those products are about $8-10 a pop. And then multiple lines? Plus tools, gels, and combs? No. The expense climbs so fast my wallet starts crying like a child about to get a shot.

On the other hand, I had made a decision in spring of this year that I wanted to begin to practice minimalism. After being inspired by a blog post about a woman who retired by the time she was 28, I figured that if I followed what she did, I could do it too. The main thing I plan to practice now is extreme minimalism (and I feel that this will be a bit easier since I still live with my parents). Unfortunately, natural hair doesn’t like extreme minimalism, and starts throwing temper tantrums by tangling itself and drying out.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, I already prefer to make my hair routines as simple as I can since I know that’s what my hair likes. And while experimenting for the past few years with both making my hair and my wallet happy, I finally found a product that fits the majority of my hair needs without breaking the bank:

Raw Organic Shae Butter

No, it’s not a “hair product” in the sense that it’s got tons of perfumes and dyes and such. It isn’t Shae Moisture, or As I Am, or ORS, and I know that for a lot of women that can be a major turn off, but hear me out.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s much more important that our hair is getting the ingredients it needs, not so much different products.  The first thing that many naturals do when buying new product for their hair is turn it over and read the ingredients. It’s already ingrained in you to know that that’s what you’re initially looking for! Whatever oil, what’s-it’called butter, and water, right?

Here’s the thing: since I started buying pure and organic shae butter on my own, I’ve saved a ton of money. I used to buy products like Carol’s Daughter’s Mimosa Hair Honey, ORS Moisturizing Hair Lotion, and Cantu Coconut Curling Cream; each being around $12, $6, and $10 respectively. The raw shae butter costs me about $15.

Again, hear me out.

With this 32 oz bucket of butter, I’m able to make enough product that will fill about 5-7 of the containers of the Carol’s Daughter’s Mimosa Hair Honey. (I should know. I saved my last container of the stuff to store my homemade butter instead.)

Since using the natural shae butter, I also get to experiment much more than I have with my hair in a while. I add the oils that I prefer, the perfumes that I want, and if I want to be a bit fancy I might even throw in a bit of essential oils for health and scent. I can make it as lumpy or creamy as I want; as thin or thick as I want depending on my hair needs.

Not only that, but I even took it a step further and started using it for my skin too. I didn’t change any of the oils or scents, but I started using it as a hair and body butter instead of just a product to help me seal my ends. A little goes a long way, and to be honest, I wish I had thought of this idea a while ago.

What about you other minimalist naturals? How do you save money on your hair care?


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