Save Money with Natural Hair: Vo5 Conditioner

First off, lemme just say that conditioner is my best friend.

Like, I-know-will-always-be-there-for-me-and-continues-to-have-my-back-through-thick-and-thin best friend.

(Thick and thin…lol hair joke…)

Anyway, conditioner has become a huge staple in my bathroom because of just how often I use it: leave-in, regular, and deep. But honestly, hair care for naturals can be pretty expensive; especially for minimalists. I’d been racking my brain trying to find a way to save money where I can, and I finally found something I liked: Vo5.

Not gonna lie, when I used to see this conditioner in the stores, I assumed that it was just white girl conditioner that was cheap and can be used for travel and whatnot. But with a few tweaks and tricks, we can use it too, and have it be just as effective as the expensive products that are marketed to us.

(And just to be clear, I’m talking about the cheapo Vo5 conditioner you see on the bottom shelf at the super market. The one that comes in like 5 different scents and is going for like $.80.)

Leave-in Vo5

There are tons of different kinds of leave-in conditioners out there; my favorite being the one by As I Am. But when you’re a broke college kid trying to practice frugality and extreme minimalism, there’s gotta be another way.

Thankfully, I see that because of Vo5’s thinner texture, it can make a pretty good leave in.

What I like to do is mix 1 part Vo5 and 4-5 parts water in a spray bottle, but if you prefer things like aloe vera juice or glycerin, I’m sure that would work too. Voila! Instant leave in on a budget.

Vo5 as a Regular Conditioner

Okay, this one was a bit tricky for me to master at first, but I think I got it. I usually used this for my wash-and-go’s and I’m telling you I have never seen my curls pop better than when I did this.

After trying a wash-and-go on my 4C hair a million times, I figured that my hair just wasn’t made for a style like that. That is, until I found out about the Dickey Method. After seeing her results, I was hooked and knew what I was doing wrong: not enough conditioner!

But according to Anthony Dickey, when applying conditioner for a wash-and-go, your hair needed to look like you just put a relaxer in it.

I had always used more conditioner than usual for my wash-and-go’s but according to Dickey, it still wasn’t enough. So I thought, “What if I used an entire bottle at once…?”

Lo and behold, that’s exactly what my hair wanted.

Vo5 is a cheap conditioner, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use it. It’s not about how often you use it, it was about how much I was using it! With enough Vo5, you can get results like you were using any other conditioner.

Vo5 Deep Conditioner

I have two different methods for this one, and both save me money:

The first way I like to make Vo5 a deep conditioner is by mixing it with mayonnaise and olive oil. Mayonnaise can technically be used on it’s own, but I like to add the conditioner to make sure that my hair is getting the moisture that it needs while also letting the scent penetrate my hair. Last thing I want is for someone to hug me and think I just rolled around in a Subway sandwich…

Another way I like to save money with Vo5 as a deep conditioner is by mixing it with a deep conditioner. In my natural hair journey, I’ve learned that for me personally, my ends can get weak extremely fast, so they typically need the deep conditioner the most. What I like to do after I shampoo when I’m on a budget is use about 1/2 a bottle of Vo5 for my entire head, roots to ends. Afterwards, I take my deep conditioner and apply it, starting from my ends, to about 1/4 of the way up my hair. This way my hair is still getting what it needs and I’m also not breaking the bank

What brands of conditioner do you guys use? How do you save money while making your hair happy?



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