My Favorite App for Making Money

If you are anything like me, you try to look into the most simple side hustles that can earn you money while you sleep. And though I don’t mind doing them every once in a while, surveys can get old really fast, not to mention half the time I’m taking 5 minutes to see if I even qualify for the survey before I can take it. I’ve tried a number of different apps and give each of them about a week before deciding whether or not I like it. For example, some apps display ads all over my phone and even pop up when I’m trying to play a game or text.

Not okay.

I have found a few apps that I enjoy to use, but my favorite so far is Giftloop.

The reason Giftloop is at the top of my money app list is because I can get coins just by charging my phone.

My sister found this app before I did and I didn’t believe it was this easy until I downloaded it for myself. Sure enough, I’m making coins like crazy!

Of course if you could just charge your phone to get coins, it’d be too simple, so they only give you a few every few minutes or so. You can also watch videos, do surveys, download apps, complete quizzes, and more!

The easiest ways to get coins without doing much at all is by :

  1. Charging your phone
  2. Opening the app for 7 consecutive days (automatic 2,500 coins)
  3. Watching videos
  4. Using the code at the bottom of this post to sign up (up to 11,000 coins)
  5. Completing surveys

My favorite way of getting in my daily dose of coins is letting the videos play while I’m doing my homework and my phone is plugged in. They only let you watch about 14 videos before they stop them and make you earn coins another way. So I then download about 5 apps, have them run, and get my coins! That simple! I do this every day so that I can also get that 7 day streak in.

Once you have enough coins, you can exchange them for gift cards, prizes, and even donations to charity! My only complaint is that they don’t have a PayPal option, but for now I keep redeeming my coins to get Amazon gift cards. Because natural hair gets expensive…

Try it out and tell me what you think!


For those of you who like to get money with apps, try Giftloop and use the link below (on your phone) to get some bonus coins!



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