What is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Still trying to practice extreme minimalism and frugality to make it to early retirement, and I came across something that really piqued my interest:

minimalist wardrobes.

I’m constantly changing my style depending on my mood, the seasons, what’s on sale, and more. I can go from all black everything to pastel floral prints to a sorry attempt at cosplay real quick. But I’d be lying if I said that I never thought I had too much in my closet. I know I have too much in my closet. So when I get on Pinterest and see something that looks like this:

Two things came to mind when I saw the above photo for the first time:

  1. Ohmygosh this closet is so cute and I want it all to myself! and
  2. …That’s it?

Little did I know, the beauty of a minimalist wardrobe is just having the essentials and being able to live off what you need. (This minimalism stuff is a lifestyle, I’m telling you…)

So when I come across pictures like these:

I’m blown away by how little and yet how much fits into this wardrobe. I mean, look at this!

Look at the simplicity of it!

So obviously, I decided to hop on board.

I already have a few pieces in my wardrobe that go with the theme that I want: kind of a mix between Parisian and dark poet. And after seeing pictures like these, I’m so tempted to throw everything out and start again.

Ohhh, I just had a thought…

Who’s to say I can’t?

Perhaps I can start over, turn a new page to the next chapter… It’ll take time and it’s not like I’m doing it tomorrow… I have already looked into ways of getting clothes for pretty decent prices through sammydress.com. (Anyone who knows me knows I prefer to shop online fro the comfort of my bed.) I’ll make a few more posts with my favorite minimalist styles in the future as well!




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