Save Money w/ Protective Style: Scarves

Okay, you guys, I have a question: How much do you guys spend on protective styles? Like any? Because I think the most I've spent on a single protective style was about $70 (which I think is pretty great considering I installed the hair myself). But let's face it: hair is expensive... Even synthetic hair … Continue reading Save Money w/ Protective Style: Scarves


Saving Money with Natural Hair: Masks

Okay, who doesn't love an awesome hair mask? I remember my fist natural hair mask: banana and honey. Only thing was, I was in college and didn't have transportation so I tried to improvise by getting the ingredients from the campus's cafeteria. I went in the morning during breakfast and snagged one banana and countless … Continue reading Saving Money with Natural Hair: Masks

Easiest Surveys Ever!

Hey you guys; sorry for going AWOL. Things have been hectic with school and work and other things you don't actually care about... Anyway, I still enjoy looking up apps and what not to try to earn a little extra spending money here and there. Yeah, my job is great, but I like having something … Continue reading Easiest Surveys Ever!