Easiest Surveys Ever!

Hey you guys; sorry for going AWOL. Things have been hectic with school and work and other things you don’t actually care about…

Anyway, I still enjoy looking up apps and what not to try to earn a little extra spending money here and there. Yeah, my job is great, but I like having something to keep my fingers busy and earn something to pay for my gas lol. One of my biggest turn offs though was a survey that took too long. I already hate having to fill out my demographics hundreds of times, and after I’m done, most times I’m not even qualified to take the survey! So I began hunting for something that was a bit easier and I finally found a site that isn’t too strenuous:


I usually don’t mind doing surveys, but once I log in and it’s like, “Oh this survey is going to take a minimum of 40 minutes!” I’ve already checked out.

Instead, PV’s surveys are super quick, and I get to cash out after I hit $15 which didn’t take as long as I thought to be honest… I’ve already cashed out a few times and I’m about to cash out again pretty soon. They also pay out through PayPal in cash, not points, making the whole process so much faster!

If you’d like, get a head start by using my link below and you’ll be on your way to getting your own cash with surveys!



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