Favorite Survey Website for Making Money

I hate Swagbucks.

Sorry, but I do.

I hate that I have to redeem points for money and I hate that I get little to no points for doing such extensive things! I usually like to watch videos for money instead of surveys (mostly because filling out the same demographics over and over gets boring and frustrating really fast), but with Sagbucks, I have to watch like 5-7 videos for 2 points…. And it takes hundreds of points before I get any sort of cash.

Yeah, no thanks.

For those that don’t mind taking super short, multiple choice surveys (where you don’t have to keep filling out your demographics), might I suggest my favorite website to make some extra cash:


I will admit, this is a survey site, but honestly they aren’t that bad. Each of them are really short unless you’re going to get a healthy amount, in which case they put how much you’re earning in the bottom right-hand corner of the survey as you’re taking it. The lowest payout I got was $.10 and the highest was $2. After you earn a total of $15, the site lets you cash out and the money will go to your Paypal account.

My only complaint is that unlike most sites where you can take as many surveys you want in one sitting, Paidviewpoint will email you when a survey is available. And yes, I have had times where I have more than one survey to do at a time. This will vary from person to person depending on things like demographics, Traitscore (the site will show you about this), and how quickly you go to answer your surveys.

Anyway, try out the link above and tell me what you guys think! c:



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