2018 Chebe Challenge!

Thank God this year is almost over... I'm so ready for a new year, new resolutions and some new challenges! I already have a few New Year's "resolutions", but in this post I'll be talking specifically about my hair care. So February 10, 2018 will mark 3 years post my big chop (after transitioning for [...]

My First Fiverr Gig!

Hello all! So at the beginning of this journey to financial freedom, minimalism, and all that good stuff I made a promise to anyone who decided that they wanted to follow me: That I would be completely open and honest as to every step of the way from the very beginning. With that, I wanted [...]

10 Uses for Castile Soap

I honestly didn't even know that castile soap was a thing until a few months ago. For those of you that don't know, castile soap is a highly concentrated soap that can be used for a variety of different things. There are no harsh chemicals and it's completely safe to use. I fell in love [...]


IDK about you, but I love anything Japanese. The food, the otome games, the anime... *ahem*  >.> Anyway! Come to find it, there's even a way of organization that is specifically Japanese (or at least the idea was created by a Japanese woman). Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and 4 time published author [...]

Favorite Survey Website for Making Money

I hate Swagbucks. Sorry, but I do. I hate that I have to redeem points for money and I hate that I get little to no points for doing such extensive things! I usually like to watch videos for money instead of surveys (mostly because filling out the same demographics over and over gets boring [...]

Save Money w/ Protective Style: Scarves

Okay, you guys, I have a question: How much do you guys spend on protective styles? Like any? Because I think the most I've spent on a single protective style was about $70 (which I think is pretty great considering I installed the hair myself). But let's face it: hair is expensive... Even synthetic hair [...]

Saving Money with Natural Hair: Masks

Okay, who doesn't love an awesome hair mask? I remember my fist natural hair mask: banana and honey. Only thing was, I was in college and didn't have transportation so I tried to improvise by getting the ingredients from the campus's cafeteria. I went in the morning during breakfast and snagged one banana and countless [...]

Easiest Surveys Ever!

Hey you guys; sorry for going AWOL. Things have been hectic with school and work and other things you don't actually care about... Anyway, I still enjoy looking up apps and what not to try to earn a little extra spending money here and there. Yeah, my job is great, but I like having something [...]

Save Money w/ Natural Hair: Do Your Research!

For those of you who already returned back to your naturally curly hair, do y'all remember what it was like to finally get your big chop done? Did you do it yourself, or go to a shop? (For those that did it themselves, I applaud you you brave souls...) Do you remember your first twist [...]