Save Money with Natural Hair: Vo5 Conditioner

First off, lemme just say that conditioner is my best friend. Like, I-know-will-always-be-there-for-me-and-continues-to-have-my-back-through-thick-and-thin best friend. (Thick and hair joke...) Anyway, conditioner has become a huge staple in my bathroom because of just how often I use it: leave-in, regular, and deep. But honestly, hair care for naturals can be pretty expensive; especially for minimalists. … Continue reading Save Money with Natural Hair: Vo5 Conditioner


Saving Money with Natural Hair: Conditioner

"Mixing conditioners?? That should  be a sin in the natural hair community!" Well, it isn't. Believe me, it isn't. It's saved me loads of money and here's how I do it: Replace Stretch Mix CoWash Conditioner I've seen a ton of brands start to catch on to what we naturals are doing with our hair … Continue reading Saving Money with Natural Hair: Conditioner

#1 Product for Natural Hair Minimalists

As a natural hair minimalist, I find that my two passions are constantly battling each other. I returned back to my natural roots about 3 years ago, and it wasn't until I actually did my big chop that I saw just how expensive natural hair can be. Now, I don't know about you guys, but … Continue reading #1 Product for Natural Hair Minimalists